Creation and Development of Large-Scale Events:
Conferences, Conventions, Fairs and Ceremonies

Our agency specializes in the creation and development of large-scale events, including conferences, conventions, fairs and ceremonies. Thanks to our integrated know-how, we offer complete 360° management of every aspect of the event, from planning to logistics, from sponsorship to communication.

Offered services

Logistics Planning and Organization

Logistics planning and organization are fundamental to the success of any event. We offer:

  • Choice of locations: We identify and select the locations most suited to the specific needs of the event.
  • Resource Management: We coordinate all suppliers and necessary personnel to ensure smooth and seamless execution.
  • Time planning: We create a detailed event schedule, ensuring that each phase is carefully orchestrated.

Sponsorship and Funding

Sponsorship is crucial to the financial success of the event. We deal with:

  • Sponsor search: We identify and contact potential sponsors interested in supporting the event.
  • Value propositions: We develop sponsorship packages that offer a significant return for investors.
  • Relationship Management: We maintain positive and collaborative relationships with all business partners.

Communication and Promotion

Communication is essential to attract attention and ensure participation. We offer:

  • Marketing campaigns: We design and implement multi-channel marketing campaigns, using digital and traditional tools.
  • Social media: We manage the presence on social media, creating engaging and interactive content to promote the event.
  • Press office: We prepare and distribute press releases to maximize media coverage.

Types of Events Managed

  • Conferences: We organize high profile conferences, taking care of every detail to ensure a memorable experience for all participants.
  • Conferences: We manage conferences on specific topics, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and networking between participants.
  • Exhibitions: We design and develop exhibitions that attract exhibitors and visitors from different sectors, creating business opportunities and visibility.
  • Ceremonies: We create elegant and well-organized ceremonies that leave a lasting impression on participants.

Advantages of Our Integrated Approach

  • Complete Management: We offer 360° management, allowing clients to focus on the contents of the event without worrying about organizational details.
  • Experience and Expertise: Our experienced team guarantees flawless and professional execution.
  • Customized Solutions: Each event is unique and is treated with a tailor-made approach, adapted to the specific needs of the customer.

Trust us for the creation and development of large-scale events that leave their mark. With our experience and expertise, we guarantee the creation of unforgettable, well-organized and successful events. Contact us today to find out how we can help you make your vision a reality.